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On the back of this booklet, and on pp 22-24, I reveal that the Third Secret concerns the coming of Antichrist to deceive the world into thinking he is God. He does so - by taking part in a Catholic Mass as if he is a priest, and by so doing, he is able to set up an idol on the altar, which then has miraculous powers to suggest he is God. After this a powerful nation will invade all others, forcing people to worship the idol on pain of death, so provoking an apostasy from the faith. I contend that the Third Secret provides ‘advance intelligence’ of these things so that we hold firm under persecution - and save our souls. This being the case, one must ask: why should the Vatican have published a false account of the Secret - a hoax? To be quite charitable, it may have been from a wish to ‘keep the wraps on it’ meantime. Maybe it thought we could not 'take’ it - but Our Lady clearly wanted it to be revealed – as long ago as 1960! How did I manage to solve this mystery? – by following up the evidence.

Sometimes amateurs succeed in making discoveries where the experts all fail. One thinks of Champollion, who solved the mystery of the Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Howard Carter, who found the tomb of Tutenkhamun. They succeeded because they followed up evidence that the others had overlooked. And I believe this is the key to solving the mystery of the Third Secret of Fatima. All we need to do is follow 'pointers' that have been disregarded. The first thing to grasp is that it must be something essentially simple, from the fact it was entrusted to a mere child of ten. Children do not remember what they cannot understand. And that child, Lucia dos Santos, later revealed that the Secret 'is in the Gospels and the Apocalypse'. This was confirmed by the then Cardinal Ratzinger when he revealed that the Secret concerns 'dangers to the faith and life of Christians and thus of the world'; 'the last times'; and that 'what is contained in this Secret corresponds with what is revealed in the prophecies of Scripture' (Milanese journal 'Jesus' 11/84). But that implies that within those prophecies is a yet undiscovered message. Is it not significant that within them occur various cryptic texts? Do they hold the key to this mystery? What follows is a work of deduction. We start with the message revealed by Our Lady in 1917 – and then follow a chain of events that came in fulfilment of her warnings.

These events suggest a theory, which we then compare with what is revealed by the cryptic texts of Scripture.